The stone barrel manufactory

reaching the target with skill, precision and a lot of manual work…

After the gap blasting, the rough stone is subjected to a first visual inspection (the
grooves come from the individual holes for the explosive charges). After the first cut the barrel height and the lid are cut out of the rough stone with a diamond wire saw. (image 1)

In order to „relax“ the material, several symmetrical core drill holes are drilled from the outside to the inside until nearly above the finished interior height. Only now does the barrel get the cylindrical shape. (images 2+3)

With a lot of small core drillings (Abb.4), which are struck up from above and thus break off, space is created for the stonemason. The stonemason then crawls into this opening to work his way from inside to outside. (image 5)

The stonemason should not have claustrophobia when he crawls into the barrel and knocks out each ring one by one (image 5). The rings are then lifted by a crane. Mostly only fragments and gravel remain (image 6).

„Sticking“ of all surfaces – this can only be done by hand (image 7).

During the finishing, the remaining drain is drilled and ground, the upper edge of the barrel and the lid are calibrated, the seal groove is milled, the dome is set up and the bung hole is drilled. Finally, the dome plate is ground flat. There are many steps to obtain the finished granite NATURAL STONE BARREL – the STEINFASS!