The stone barrel, a natural product

Das Steinfass, ein Naturprodukt

born from the fire of the earth… with unique properties

  • Granite is a temperature memory – harmonious temperature progression during fermentation process without external cooling.
  • Granite is resistant to fruit acid and is tested according to food safety laws.
  • The STEINFASS is easy to clean. The molecular structure of granite prevents a firm connection with tartrate. It just falls out.
  • Vinification of particularly harmonious, mineral and fruity wines.
  • The STEINFASS does not need to be preserved during dry storage.
  • The STEINFASS keeps its properties for all eternity – an investment for generations!
  • Customization by insertion of numbering, year, initials, coat of arms / logo
  • The STEINFASS pays off within a very short time.
  • 30 years manufacturer‘s warranty on the stone product
  • Exclusivity – STEINFASS, as well as fermentation and storage in it, are registered for patent approval worldwide.